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Today I'm going to dispel some publishing myths and maybe discourage you a little bit, all in the name of showing you how you can launch a book that will build your brand and your business. But first we have to dispel myths. And so today I am answering a question that came to me from a listener, @michaelcringering is his Instagram handle.


Here's the question: “I started submitting to agents in March because I'm hoping to secure someone interested in my novel. I submitted to 153 agents in my genre but heard back from less than 25 percent. With that said and the pandemic raging, should I continue to wait or go ahead and self publish?”



  • The Caveat: I'm Biased Against Traditional Publishing
  • How Much Does It Matter to You?
  • You Can Publish Your Book Yourself 
  • The Rules with Novels Are Different
  • I Couldn't Make a Living Until I Could Answer the Question: What Do I Want This Book to do For Me?
  • You Have to Get Realistic
  • You Don't Need Them
  • If Your Goal is to Have a Writing Career...

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