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Robert Sikes is one of the sweetest men you'll ever encounter.

And that may not be obvious when you first look at him.

Because, you see, he's a bodybuilder and massive.

And I don't just mean massive in terms of bulk. He's also massively influential in the bodybuilding space, as the leading spokesperson about following a ketogenic diet for bodybuilding. He's a natural ketogenic bodybuilder, author and entrepreneur as well as the CEO and founder of Keto Savage, a health and fitness company that offers coaching, training and nutrition for athletes and bodybuilders. He is also CEO and founder of Keto Brick, a company that produces ketogenic meal replacement bars for efficient nutrition with the highest quality ingredients. And he holds first-in-class titles from his bodybuilding competitions within the OCB and WNBF federations and lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife Crystal.

I'm truly honored to be able to say Legacy Launch Pad is launching his book, Ketogenic Bodybuilding, this week. And while he has a built-in audience (his podcast alone has millions of downloads), he still has to have a specific plan in place for how to use the book to build his business.

In this episode, we discussed a few specific launch plans (including releasing the first three chapters of his book as podcast episodes) as well as his ideas for how the book will add to his business—specifically, by selling copies with his Keto Brick bars, using a lead magnet to bring readers to a download and his mailing list and teasing out his upcoming online program. But his greatest message is perhaps this: write your book and build your business around what you were most passionate about as a kid.


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